Making informed decisions based on real-time information is key to your business success. Our IoT solutions allow you to connect and manage your sites, assets, vehicles and employees through our IoT Command Centre, to improve your processes, introduce new business models and analyse trends.



Smart Building

Transform your buildings into more secure and efficient sites using our smart building solutions combining our robust network, platforms, latest technologies and sensors all managed through a single dashboard.

Smart Surveillance

Get secure, robust and compliant CCTV solutions with the latest analytics capabilities, fully managed and scalable to match your business needs.

Energy Efficiency

Optimize your energy consumption and increase the lifespan of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems through real-time performance management and proactive maintenance. Our solutions help you reduce your sites' carbon footprint and contribute to the country's climate initiatives.


Asset Monitoring

Track and remotely monitor your assets in real-time using our solutions for stock management, proactive detection and predictive maintenance, connected through our secure IoT platform and managed through our Command Centre.


Connected Transportation

Access our full range of transportation solutions to manage your fleet, plan your routes ahead and reduce travel time. Keep your vehicles connected and receive real-time information with our in Vehicle Wi-Fi.


Connected Worker

Increase efficiency by connecting your workforce with wearables for monitoring their welfare and productivity.


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